I attended as a Vendor in Nashville, very organized event with high traffic! I will be vending again real soon😊

- Kapuki Outlaw

I have been a food vendor with my catering company Thompson Family Catering and my daughters vegan lemonade company Liya’s Lemonade and we made great connections and sales!! I highly recommended Greg and his team at Shop Black for entrepreneurs looking for great pop up events! The venues are great and so are the volunteer staff!.”

- Greg Thompson

Giving 5 stars for the professionalism. The event was nicely planned. The turn out was good as well.

- Lynn Echo

Very professional event coordinator and I was impressed with how we were greeted upon arrival and shown where to park and set up. Throughout the event we were checked on several times. I felt safe and happy attending the event. I will be booking events with you all in 2022! Thank you for all you do to help us vendors out!

- Mrs. Vee’s Masks & Etc.

Shop Black is all about making sure the vendors have a good revenue out come whenever they have an event. The way they promote their content is very helpful for the vendors.

- Saria's Variety Shop

It was a great event & a great location. Even on rainy looking day, the team did an amazing job.

- DeNorris Meekins

Love it, looking forward to doing at least 2 locations this year.

- Healthy Hair Connections

Great way to meet potential customers, to advertise the business, make some money and network with other people. I like the way that the owner let us come up and state our business name and the products that we sold. I will do this event again in the future.

- A-I's Catering,LLC

Everything was nice and everyone was helpful and friendly.

- Isha El

"I definitely look forward to attending more events and being able to travel more for the events. This is an amazing opportunity for any business owner to take advantage of even if you’re not just starting."

- LuhPopofKai

"I loved that I did make money and the amount of people that came through was great. Also the hosts were very friendly."

- Malyza Whatley

"Overall, the event was good for us because it was our introduction launch into the public. I enjoyed how many vendors were there as well as the foot traffic generated.."

- Teneice Kirby

"This is a great and affordable opportunity for black-owned businesses to showcase their products and services. We should be supporting and uplifting each other and this organization is making that happen. Kudos to you and your team!.

- Autumn P. Prather

"Y’all a 10 thank you for the opportunity it really helped my business."

- Charmaine Cooper

"I really appreciate Tee and Greg. They’ve made events pleasurable and hassle free for me. Would do their events everyday of the week and twice on Sundays if I could. Looking forward to the event for Nashville in May."

- Willow and William Essentials

"Good energy, good vibes. We have already booked for an upcoming SBCT event!"

- QueenEssential Boutique

"Overall very good experience and exposure for small Businesses."

- Expressions Of You

"Shop Black City Tour is a great opportunity for exposure! I truly enjoy the opportunities and especially grateful for the nomination for the 2021 Community Impact Award!! I do plan to be a vendor at future events! The work you all are doing is amazing — Thank you for supporting Black businesses!"

- Saundrea Sampson

"Overall, the event was great! I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe."

- The Black Candle Company

"Great event! The Keiner Plaza was an awesome traffic location but parking is always a hassle downtown. Very profitable day."

- Jasmine Walker

"I enjoy participating in you guys event and I like why you guys are doing and should definitely keep going."

- Mason’s Hotdog

"SBCT is super dope and such an amazing opportunity for new business owners."

- Lotus Noir LLC

"Greg, you and your wife are doing an awesome job of bringing black businesses together. Because of The Shop Black Tours, I have been shipping to Nashville at lease twice a month sometimes more. Also, I've made some good friends. It is my plan to be a part of The Shop Black Tour 2022. Thank you both for providing this platform for black entrepreneurs."

- Joe Albritton